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As the previous discussion about the retail product, one of the players who have not ritail foreign Alfamart the Franchise is a national company engaged in the field of general trade and retail services that provide basic needs and day-to-day. Brand is up to now have more than 1700 outlets have proved successful franchise system that is applied on each franchisee. The concept and target market that is clearly one of the factors of success in implementing business Alfamart franchise.
In addition to the survey locations, the supply of goods 100% of AlfaMart, employee training, promotion and booking outlets, franchise Alfamart also provide consultation and SOP for 5 years.
Profile franchisee is an individual who sought / Agency business (cooperative, PT, CV) of berkewarganegaraan Indonesia, would follow the systems and procedures that apply, have a business location with a 80m ² and has licensing requirements

Total investment (nas) 300,000,000
Area outlets required 90 - 150 m²
Period of contract / 5 year contract renewal

Average turnover per business unit (national) IDR 4 000 000
Entry fee Rp. 45,000,000
Cost of royalties / 2.00% / from sales, sales will increase if the increase
Average profit per unit Rp business. 4,000,000
Purchase obligations in the outlets that have been determined
Minimum purchase from the franchisor from the specified

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