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In the middle of high sinker outlets, Cafes and local and foreign, may need to remember that one of the pioneers and the coffee shops, donut is the Dunkin Donuts, coffee shops and donut franchises origin Boston, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.
Founded in 1940 and until now has been present in more than 30 countries and has more than 7000 outlets spread across the world is evidence of the success of the original franchises in the United States is to develop the network in the world seuruh.

To that end, succeed in business development, Dunkin Donuts SOP form of support, training, and the manager. In addition, the integrated merketing also provided support and access to technology in each outlet is also provided.
Dunkin Donuts
General information
General information

The total number of units (nat / worldwide) 17 /
Total investment (nat) 1 710 918 691 IDR
Financial support
Supplementary information
Country of origin U.S.
Date of (nat / worldwide) in 1950 /
Date franchising (nat / worldwide) in 1985 /
Country of origin information Indonesia
The type of contract / agreement

Entry fee 342 183 738 IDR
Fees / 4.90% of sales turnover
Training activities
Training activities
Initial training (Day)
Additional training (Day)
Seminar (Day)
Meeting the exchange of know-how

Training Centers in the pilot or a member (0 days)
Field visits
Consultations via phone
Contents of training
Contents of training
Marketing and distribution
Organization / administration
Technical sales
The introduction of the product will
Bookkeeping / financial

Computer software
Human resources
Quality control
Support management
Support management
Find Location
Analysis of Location
Planning Ordering
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
Review of market / national statistics
Review of market / local statistics
Marketing concept
The national marketing
IT Service Management

Intranet / network
Organization / administration
Purchase Centered
Monitoring / Comparison between the company
HR Advisor
Committee consultant franchisees
Exclusive zone
ISO Certificate
His help grand opening

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