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Who does not know Mc Donald's? Burger franchise that has been known throughout the land, this has been one product that has been in the world and Indonesia, have become one of the largest foreign brand franchises.
Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, franchise fast food Mc Donald's to the present has more than 31,000 outlets in 119 countries and employs more than 47 million employees, while in Indonesia, Mc. Donald's the entrance to Indonesia in 1995, this has more than 100 outlets in the city of big cities in Indonesia.
The success of the franchise Mc Donald's Indonesia is a blessing standardization and quality of care and strict adaptation of the product in countries where the franchise Mc. Donald's is located.

The total number of business units (nas / worldwide) 108 /
Total investment (nas) 3 486 852 291 IDR
Financial support
Additional information
Country of origin U.S. network
Date of establishment (nas / worldwide) in 1940 /
Date of franchising (nas / worldwide) in 1995 /
Indonesia country information
Type of contract / agreement

Entry fee 384 956 705 IDR
Cost of royalties / 4.00% / turnover of sales

Financial support
Plan the use of capital
Sales Cost Plan
Liquidity Plan
The concept of financial
Bank Contacts
Subsidy applications

Financial negotiations
Deferment / installment payments
Consignment stock
Inhouse leasing / mediation
Inhouse Financing / mediation
Cooperation / joint venture
Contents of training
Contents of training
Marketing / distribution
Organization / administration
Sales techniques
Knowledge of product
Accounting / finance

Computer software
Human resources
Quality control
Support management
Support management
Search Location
Location Analysis
Layout planning
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
Market review / National Statistics
Review of the market / local statistics
The concept of marketing
The national marketing
IT Service Management

Intranet / Network network
Organization / administration
Centralized purchase
Monitoring / Comparison between companies
HR Advisor
Committee consultant franchisee
Exclusive Zone
ISO Certificate
Asistensi grand opening
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