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Franchise Franchising Panel neon - Making Advertising

Business products and this one, unique feel for the author, not like other business and franchise. Panel neon is patent-protected products legally issued by the Indonesian investor as a JPG Technology & technology.
Panelneon give effect 3 (D) Dimensions, soft glow, with the color and size are not limited, giving the impression luxurious and exclusive, could increase the trademark (brand) image of the product and your company.
Panel neon lights normal use, this is the use of the electric power that is too many and profuse, the positive result for the long-term efficiency and use of resources. Estimated to be able to save 80% of the power of technology, neon box sign and neon. As a result there start saving at least 30%.
Panelneon to design their products with the easy care and affordable, in which preservation factor, durable and shatter-resistant. In every product ekternal banner - outside the home, one factor that should be a condition of the rain and heat. Panelneon also been applied to applications in the products they use in outdoor and indoor,
The type of application that can be used both indoor and outdor is:

Decorative interior
Point of Purchace sign

With an affordable investment, neon panel provides complete business package type, ready stock, ready to use and easy process.
And some of the benefits of the offer by panelneon:
- High profit margins
- BEP fast
- The process of producing goods - services that are fast
- Technology that has been in patenkan
- The protection business
- Save space
- Support from the experts
- No franchise fee

More information can contact

Tel. 022-6629863-6633838
Address - Location
Jl. Pondok Mas Raya. 12
Baros - Cimahi - Bandung 40532

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