Tantowi Yahya Public Speaking School

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Name: Tantowi Yahya Public Speaking School
Business Category: Education
Corporate Name: PT. Sampraco Indonesia
Establish Since: 2006
Business Description: Business education in the field of public speaking is needed by many people of all ages and types of people.
Minimum Investment: Rp. 500,000,000, --
Maximum Investment: Rp. 800,000,000, --
Fee: Rp. 150.000.000, - for 5 years
Royalty Fee: 10% of gross income
BEP: 17 months
Prefer Location: Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Balikpapan, and major cities in Indonesia
Contact Person: Fico Maulana Humam
Phone Number: 0856.7734.184
Fax Number: 021-57851812
Website: www.tantowi-yahya.com
Email Address: franchise@tantowi-yahya.com

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