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Founded: 1995 Founded: 1995
Business Address:
1723 S. 1723 S. Kings Avenue Kings Avenue
Brandon, FL 33511 Brandon, FL 33511
The name i9 Sports ® is based on nine principles that best symbolize our core ideology:

* Imaginative
* Innovative
* Interactive
* Integrity-driven
* Impassioned
* Inspirational
* Instructional
* Insightful
* Inclusive

OUR CORE Principles

1. Fun. We believe that the primary reason children play sports is to have fun. They love mastering new skills, developing friendships, and healthy competition.

2. Inclusivity. That's our word for everyone's right to play and have fun. Our program is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or ability level. No child will ever be excluded by a tryout, be made to feel like they are not good enough because of a league draft, or be cut from a team. We do our best to Ensure that each child gets equal playing time.

3. Safety. We believe your child's safety is Paramount. As such, we background check each of the adults supervising your children and hire trained officials for each game to Ensure that "safe play" is enforced.

4. Good Sportsmanship. We believe that learning to play the game is only half the equation. Helping children develop character is the other half. The value of teaching children teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship goes far beyond the game.

5. Everyone is a Winner. Healthy competition is a natural instinct. However, the "win-at-all-costs" mentality so prevalent in youth sports today is not only destructive to team morale, it severely undermines individual self-esteem. We believe in a healthy competitive environment that allows everyone an opportunity to make the most of their abilities.


Nationally based in the Tampa Bay (FL) area, i9 Sports ® is the first and fastest growing franchise of youth sports leagues, camps, and programs in the United States. With over 100,000 participants since 2003 and 100 franchise locations in 25 states, i9 Sports offers the most popular team sports for kids with a focus on fun, safety, and good sportsmanship.

Because each league is individually owned and Operated by carefully screened and certified local franchise owners, you'll enjoy the many benefits of a well-organized national sports organization with a personal touch in your local community.

In 2008, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked i9 Sports # 256 in their illustrious Franchise 500 ® issue and the 15th Top New Franchise in America; while the Franchise Business Review named i9 Sports the # 1 Sports, Recreation, & Fitness franchise!

SPORTS We offer

i9 Sports ® offers Leagues, tournaments, Camps, Clinics, & After-School programs in the following sports Nationwide: Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Baseball / Softball, Golf, Volleyball, and Hockey.

Because each i9 Sports ® franchise is individually owned and Operated by local franchisees, sports offerings may vary in your area. To learn what sports are currently offered in your area, enter your zip code in the locator to find a location near you.


As parents, we understand having games played at a convenient location nearby is as important as your child having fun! We currently serve hundreds of local communities so that you and your child can enjoy a fun sports experience close to home.

Learn where games are currently being played in your area, enter your zip code in the locator to find a location near you.

Do not see a location near you? Interested in owning an i9 Sports franchise? Visit www.i9sportsfranchise.com to learn more about opening a franchise in your area!

WHY Choose i9 SPORTS

There are many good reasons why over 100,000 Nationwide parents have their child in an i9 Sports ® program since 2003. However, the best way to describe why we are the fastest growing youth sports franchise in America it is this: We offer traditional team sports without the traditional headaches!

# No Fundraisers of any kind!

# No Mandatory Volunteering! (talk about an oxymoron)?

# No Tryouts! No Drafts! Everyone Plays - Every Game!

# Parental No Politics, No Bureaucracy, or "Board of Director" nonsense!

# Required No Practices! (Optional practice organized by the coach)

# All Coaches are subject to a background check and are certified.

# A League Representative is on-site to offer assistance.

# Special Requests to play on the same team with a friend or sibling are honored! (exceptions may apply due to age or team roster size)

# Our Leagues promote having fun, playing safe, and getting active in a healthy competitive environment while rewarding the value of good sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Programs are Operated by local franchise owners believe that participation in an organized youth sports activity is about more than just the sport, it's about the entire experience for the parent and child. It's what we call the "i9 Experience."

Source : www.i9sportsfranchise.com

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