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Industry: Travel / Ticketing
Website: - no franchise data - Contact: PT. Balinese Nirwana
Phone: 0361 - 7444491 / 92 Fax: 0361 - 7444491
E-mail: - no franchise data --
Address: PT. Bali Nirwana Tour & Travel

Balinese Nirwana is to provide franchise / franchise Travel in indonesian in Ticketing and Travel Industry. They provide several options to the franchise for the franchisee to open a new business travel.

Especially for leisure travel or recreational purposes or the provision of support services for the holidays. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people who "travel and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the implementation of a paid job in a place visited".

Tourism became a popular leisure activity worldwide. In 2006, there are more than 842 million international tourists. If you want to open a business in the way of industry, you can contact them directly to ask about the franchise / franchise.

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