Roti Buana

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Roti Buana

Founded: - no franchise data - Industry: Bakery / Bread
Website: - no franchise data - Contact: PT Graha Praba Samanta
Phone: 021 - 5913896 Fax: 021 - 5913896
E-mail: - no franchise data --
Address: PT Graha Praba Samanta
Estimated Investment: Under Rp. 100 Million

Roti Buana offers franchise / franchise in the Bread Industry in Indonesia. They have a good quality bread, and they are too good for customer service, both as a service to the Franchisee.

Cook the most valuable to the taste and texture, and still retain the freshness is very important to keep the taste. Bread that has stiffened or dried past the major said tired. Modern bread is often wrapped in paper or plastic film, or stored in airtight containers so that it breadbox as fresh again.

Bread stored in warm, humid environment that is vulnerable to the growth of fungi. Become tired more quickly in low temperatures of the refrigerator, although by peace of mind, mold is less likely to grow.

If you want to open a business in the Bread Industry, please contact them directly to ask about the franchise / franchise opportunities provided by Bebek Bali Restaurant.

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