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FRANCHISE - With a franchise
KUBUS!, some of the advantages you have as a prospective Franchisee include:
1.Anda a mature business, and has tebukti experience in the field. So that the level of business success can be improved and the failure rate can be suppressed.
2. Your not need to have the expertise and experience in Internet services and Game Center
3. Your have a business with high profit rates and the return of investment (ROI) is relatively short.

Needs / requirements:

* Franchise fee for the next 5 years
* Decoration (Interior & Exterior)
* Cost of employee recruitment and training
* Purchase Internet and computer games
* Installation of audio system
* Basic operational equipment stores
* License
* Cost of initial campaign (print & electronic media)
* Equipment such connection wireless antenna tower &
* Billing system
* Installing computer networks and electrical
* Internet Service OnLine 24 hours
* Game Center (Offline / OnLine 24 hours)
* Print
* Scanning
* Back up data to a CD

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