BABA TURKEY kebab Rafi

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BABA TURKEY kebab Rafi
Franchise business: kebab counter
Franchiseeinvestment: Rp 50-80 jt
• One Unit Counter
• Tools Burner kebab
• Package equipment counter
• Freezer Box
• Package promotion business (Neon Box, Banner, etc.)
• Raw materials production of the routine
• System has been operational
• Employee Training
• Quality Control and maintenance
• Asistensi survey location
• Manual Book (Standard Operational Procedure)
• Financial Software
• Cooperation During the Period of 5 Years
Head office address: Ruko Manyar Garden Regency Kav.30
Jl. Nginden Semolo 109 Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5999712 / +6231-5992423
Fax: +6231-5992423 / +6231-5952291
Hotline: +628123-580-791, +6231-7064-1912

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