Robotics Education Center

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Name: Robotics Education Center
Business Category: Education
Corporate Name: Robotics Education Center
Establish Since: 2006
Business Description: Robotik Education for students aged 8-18 years. To emphasize issues related to: Mechanical, Automation, Science & Technology, Creativity, directed imagination, Team Work, Logical Thinking, Programming, concentration, and many more benefits to the development of the brain's ability right and left children.
Total Outlet: 10 outlets
Minimum Investment: 100 jt
Maximum Investment: 250 jt
Fee: 55 jt
Advertising Fee: --
Royalty Fee: 20%
BEP: 1-2 years
Prefer Location: Jabodetabek, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi
Contact Person: Yudi
Phone Number: 021 45852473
Fax Number: 021 45842791
Email Address:

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