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Franchise business type: Car glass film

Number of branches: franchise data not available

Franchise capital investment: 2

* Master Franchise
Franchise is awarded at country level on an exclusive basis. The Master Franchisee has the rights to sub-license in different areas within the Assigned territory.
* Area Franchise
Franchise is awarded for a particular State or area on an exclusive basis, with pre-agreed commitment from the Franchisee to operate a certain number of stores over a pre-determined time-frame.

Available package: 2 alternative packages

Franchisee requirement:

* Territorial Fees
A one-time upfront payment for the front grant of exclusivity to the Assigned territory, payable upon the signing of the Franchise Agreement.
* Start Up Consultancy Fee
A one-time fee, payable two weeks prior to the commencement of Franchise Training.
* Royalty
A monthly payment based on percentage of gross monthly revenue, payable quarterly for the continuous use of V-Kool brandname.
* Initial Stock Purchase
A minimum purchase quantity required for V-Kool stock, payable upfront upon signing of Franchise Agreement or commencement of Franchise Training, whichever earlier.

Head office address: PT V-Kool Jkt Indo Lestari Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 20 JAKARTA UTARA
JAKARTA - 10720
Phone:. +6221 6261333, 52897040

Contact person: Salim Eddie - Managing Director

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