FRANCHISE - 21 th century was marked by rampant globalization

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FRANCHISE - 21 th century was marked by rampant globalization, the application of more stringent budget, execution time is shorter and more resources are scarce. Intense competition in the industry have forced the principals in the industry to find new ways of doing business. A method of a flexible approach and responsiveness to meet customer demand is always changing is important. In other words, to master the business in the future a businessperson to be able to produce a product faster, cheaper and with better quality than products from competitors. The project here is used as one of 'strategic tool' to support the achievement of goals and beat the competition business. Project management method (PMP Exam) allows us to better focus on priorities, monitor 'performance' problems and make adjustments to change. Similarly, this method gives us more control and offers a variety of 'tools and techniques' that have been proven to help a project manager in leading project teams to achieve objectives on time and budget have been determined.

PMP Certification
Function in the form of professional certification is PMP Certification and the evidence supporting the recognition of the owner's ability to perform competency in the business world.
To answer the needs of human resources with a lack of high-quality resources necessary management and training management.

Materials and material lot to learn, requires a high concentration of the test participants to learn the material. In contrast to the traditional teaching pattern of asking the manual, this issue will cause stress and lead to laziness. A training site that I mentioned this, understand the problem and provide a way out for you by providing materials in the form of video and audio, very light and freeing you and provide the appropriate timing for you to understand.

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