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Happy Puppy Family karaoke franchise

Urban community, which is always busy with work to create entertainment and recreational needs of a major work in revitalizing the spirit. For the karaoke to be one of the alternative, which is always a fun and entertaining for anyone who berkaraoke.

See this market segment, Happy Puppy is a franchise pioneer in the field of karaoke business in Indonesia. With more than 15 years fanchise family entertainment karaoke Happy Puppy handle network family karaoke with high professionalism.

In developing business franchise karaoke Happy Puppy, the selection location is one of the most important asset. Therefore, the selection of the location must be very careful with the heart by franchisor and franchisee. Here, taste of the surrounding community should also be very.

Until now, Happy Puppy franchise has more than 20 outlets are located in big cities in Indonesia.
Happy Puppy
General information

The total number of business units (nas / worldwide) 20 / 20
Total investment (nas) 2 500 000 000 IDR
Private capital 170 000 000 IDR
Area outlets 400 - 500 m²
Financial support
Additional information
Indonesia country network
Date of establishment (nas / worldwide) in 1992 / 1992
Date of franchising (nas / worldwide) 2000 /
Indonesia country information
Type of contract / agreement

Priority development of Indonesia
Contents of training
Contents of training
Marketing / distribution
Organization / administration
Sales techniques
Knowledge of product
Accounting / finance

Computer software
Human resources
Quality control
Support management
Support management
Search Location
Location Analysis
Layout planning
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
Market review / National Statistics
Review of the market / local statistics
The concept of marketing
The national marketing
IT Service Management

Intranet / Network network
Organization / administration
Centralized purchase
Monitoring / Comparison between companies
HR Advisor
Committee consultant franchisee
Exclusive Zone
ISO Certificate
Asistensi grand opening

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