KFC Franchise Indonesia

KFC Franchise Indonesia

PT. Fastfood Indonesia Tbk. Is a body established by the business group Gelael in 1978, and bergabungnya with the Salim Group in 1990, registered as a public company in 1994. operating a restaurant on the first week of October 1979 was the first book in the restaurant Road Melawai, Jakarta.

Suskses restaurants QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) foreign pertam Aini then followed by the addition of this and then followed by the addition of restaurants to major cities in India others. As the sole holder of rights to the franchise at this time, the Company continues to build the KFC brand, and start 26 years success in this field have made the market leader KFC fast food restaurants that are dominant and Knowledgeable. At this time has 270 restaurants including 1 mobile catering units in the 60 largest cities in Indonesia, and memperkerjakan 10,293 employees with total sales more than Rp. 1276 trillion at the end of 2006.

KFC Franchising For information at this time we do not make the cooperation in the form of sub-franchises for KFC brand, but other forms of cooperation, namely:

1. Cooperation Rental locations.
2. Cooperation investment (not including the building / building)
3. Cooperation investment (including building / building)

If you are interested, please send:
1. Letters bidding information with location data that includes:
- A minimum area of 300m2
- Photo Location
- Map location with ± 5 km radius of the load info activities
- Appendix Statistical data from the location of (the data) 2. Send to address:

For further information:
Dept. Market Development
Fastfood Indonesia, Tbk
Building Gelael Lt. 2 Jl. MT Haryono Kav. 7 Jakarta JAKARTA Indonesia
Phone: (021) 8301133 ext. 213, 220, 218

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