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Franchise business information Automotiv

Creator Creamy Shampoo First in Indonesia
If you are planning investment in the automotive sector, an article about sampoo franchisee can be a factor may trigger you to know that support is available. Of automotive products, there are many in the franchisee can maximize the broad scope and the services offered.
Approximately, if we describe in detail, there are several products on the franchisee who can offer to consumers, such as:
Vehicle maintenance
Wash salon car and motorcycle
Maintenance of vehicles (such as spooring, change oil, change tires, nitrogen and other
Aksesories vehicle sales (velg, body kits, glass film, car interior leather, and other)
Motor vehicle insurance

MACSAUTO made the concept of "onestop service automotive solution" in the form of franchises for cars and motorcycles. Where is the product that they offer the franchisee is a business washing cars and motorcycles.
The superiority of the product MACSAUTO offer is the use of shampoos creamy "with the economic package contents 5 kilograms 7 options such as color: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white snow. Creamy shampoos to be used very sparingly as a cleaner vehicle, which will save water and electricity usage.

Here's the scheme that can be done Shampoo CREAMY
Creamy shampoo 1 liter
75 vehicle car
225 motor vehicle
With the cost of Rp. 270000 / 5 kg package can automatically reduce the use of other types of shampoos.

Outlets that have been standing when this is already on the city as
- Jogjakarta
- Plymouth
- Medan
- Ambon
- Cibubur

Mengutif results of the discussion with "Kornelia Laurensia" as the Managing Director MACSAUTO (info money ") in addition to offering products Creamy shampoos," we do maintenance outlets once every 6 months to outlets that have been able to stand on survival, with step -by-step re-training of human resources (HR).
MACSAUTO outlets to propose several ways to do first
Survey the location of outlets

Design layout
3D Design outlet
Provision of equipment
Training SMD

If you are interested in investment with a parlor car and motorcycle, you can contact and get more complete information at:

Head office
Jl. Diponegoro No.27 Jogjakarta
Tel. 0274-566 271 Hotline service 0815.79.56789
Hopefully this information can be useful for you

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