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Questions that must be submitted before the plunge into the franchise business / franchise

In the field of franchises, the criteria of age, gender or certificate is not too important, but the franchisee to the franchisor to recruit candidates based on the quality of personal and professional. Some of reflection which must be done before the plunge into this field ... due to a franchisee, you basically have to be a leader of the company!

1. -Is my company ready to become a leader?
- Do I have to meet specifications of the status of Entrepreneurs (Contributor to which the employee)?
- Do I have been ready to take the risk and increase my work hours?
- Do I have the charisma and competence to manage an SME?
- Do I have the talent trade (contacts, merketing, merchandising)?
- Is my Autonomous enough?
- Do I have the capacity and manage the mediation of a team?

2. -Will I be ready to franchisees?
- The concept of how interesting I? I'm interested in what products?
- How can I convince the franchisor and donors fund?
- Is my game is ready to follow frachise / franchises (reproduce the concept, to pay royalties, share experiences, support supervision)?
- Will I be able to invest money and time to reflect and try to continue forward without stopping?
- Will I slide switch pidah geographically and can integrate my life with the franchisees my personal life?

3. - What are my professional goals?
- What are my professional experience supports this project?
- Is that a big change compared with the experience of previous experience?
- What are my goals as a franchise? Money, professional development, a stage prior to the next stage?
- Do I will take one unit franchisees existing activities or create my own?

4. - How do my financial situation?
- I'm interested in the financial claims of how a franchisee?
- Will I be able to search the period, and negotiations begin activities?
- Do I have sufficient personal funds?
- Do I ready to sell that I have to jump into the franchise business?

Olivier ThiƩbaut to
AC Franchise consultants in the fields of network development

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